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In celebration of Aston Martin’s long term involvement with the James Bond franchise, Red Bull are running a 007 inspired livery at Silverstone this weekend.

The tribute acknowledges the proud association Aston Martin has with the famous film franchise but also confirms that Dr. Helmut Marko IS a Bond Villain.

** Cue James Bond Theme Music **

It has been a long standing suspicion of ours there’s more to Dr. Marko than just callus driver swaps, brutal management skills and an inability to show emotion.

“He’s a Bond Villain if we’ve ever seen one,” we’ve said to each other on numerous occasions.

He possesses all the traits of a classic arch nemesis to Agent 007.

The ambiguity of how and/or why he’s a ‘Doctor’…

The fact he wears the exact same white shirt every single Grand Prix…

Not too mention, the team curiously met here in the off season…

These are all signs, people!

Sources have revealed, Dr. Marko has laughed off any suggestion of an evil alter ego..

“Muhahahahahahahahahaha!” he laughed.

We’re not convinced though, and if we were Pierre Gasly, we’d sleep with one eye open…


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