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Bernie Eccleston has sensationally asked Russian President Vladmir Putin to help out with Formula One’s 2021 Rules and Regs Negotiations.

“Dictators get deals done,” Ecclestone said.

“Vlad will come in and sort them out…” he then winked, suspiciously.

Eccelstone revealed he thought of asking his long-time friend after he made headlines for suggesting he’d “take a bullet” for the Russian.

“Everyone thinks I’m crazy, but VP is a good guy.”

“He says what he does and he does what he says.”

“For example, remember when he – ”

[Our Lawyer has advised that for legal and safety reasons we should not finish the above joke].

It seems many in Formula One agree with former F1 Chief Executive.

“Yes… Vladmir Putin… is… a… good… man…” replied Ross Brawn as he looked over his shoulder.

“I support,” said Daniil Kvyat.

Some in the F1 community, have spoken out and stridently disagree with Ecclestone.

“Keep Putin out of F1” said a dead man walking.

In full disclosure, we didn’t dare to try and contact President Putin for comment, however for any Russian authority reading this, here’s our official statement:

“We at The Reserve Drivers do not deem it appropriate to comment on the political affairs of Russia, Europe or indeed the World. 

The being said, in a gesture of good faith with our Russian friends, here’s a clip of us showing appreciation for Russia’s greatest export > [Jump to 9:44m]


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