F1 Kevin Magnussen HAAS Guenther Steiner
Image © Kevin Magnussen/Instagram/PA

HAAS Team Principal Guenther Steiner is said to be seething, after reports emerged that Kevin Magnussen and new wife Louise Gjørup have been making ‘repeated contact’

“You know, he’s a husband, she’s his wife – you don’t expect them to come together, then all of a sudden – bang!” the Gunt told team owner Gene Haas on yet another phone call.

It comes as reports emerge the couple are on their honeymoon, having been snapped coming together at their wedding.

“And we are sitting here thinking ‘should we say something, should we not?’” The Gunt told us.

“It’s the only solution, to be firm with them” Steiner said, explaining his decision to stamp a contact ban on the couple.

“I don’t care if Kevin and Louise get on personally – I cannot fix that”

“Hopefully they will never be near each other again for the rest of the season”

The stewards have concluded their investigation into the incident, deeming the contact an “embracing incident”

It’s bad timing for the team, with reports suggesting another collision between Magnussen and his teammate Romain Grosjean.

“Romain’s Uber collided with K-Mag’s wedding car” a source close to team confirmed.

“Romain made sure of it – he took the wheel!”

Magnussen defended his relationship with Gjørup.

“What??” Magnussen asked.

“Duh! Of course we get on!!”

“She does what Nico Hulkenberg never did, if you catch my drift…” Magnussen said with a wink.

“Finish on the podium?” we replied.


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