F1 Testing Screen
Image © F1/YouTube

The verdict is in, and the live test timing screen on F1’s YouTube channel and website is, according to fans, “way more exciting” than the Monaco Grand Prix.

Excited by their first look at new liveries and new drivers on the track, fans took to social media to also praise F1’s online live test time stream.

“I can’t look away!” tweeted out one fan, who has allegedly sat and watched since testing began.

“I like how the colours change and stuff,” commented another.

There were further cries online that in 2019, the coverage of the (typically lacklustre) Monaco Grand Prix, should be replaced with just a live online stream of driver lap times and positions.

“Monte Carlo’s a snoozefest…” a user wrote.

“At least on a live-stream there’s some action in the comments section!

It’s understood Liberty Media are reasonably chuffed with their latest initiative, releasing the following statement:

“We’ll do anything to cater to our fans… We’ll also do anything to piss off Team Principals and F1 Sponsors… so this is a win-win.”


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