Racing Point F1 Team Lance Stroll
Image © Racing Point F1 Team

It’s been revealed the livery unveiled today by newly announced SportPesa Racing Point F1 Team was in fact designed by it’s driver, Lance Stroll.

Stroll, the son of billionaire investor and team owner Lawrence Stroll confirmed the news at the official livery launch in Canada.

“Daddy let me!” Lance said, wriggling his hands in excitement.

“As long as he didn’t use his crayons on the wall” Lawrence clarified.

Lawrence Stroll was all too happy to hand over said crayons to son Lance.

“It’s his toy!” Stroll senior said, “I bought him this team for his birthday, so if he wants to design it, he gets to design it!”

Lance said his dad let him have free range, and it shows, with a mix of pink, salmon, pinky-salmon, grey, white, blue and black used on the car.

“I wanted to add green and orange but my pens ran out!” a disappointed Stroll confirmed.

“It took about 5 minutes, but I’m stoked!” Lance confirmed.

“It took me less time designing the car then it does pronouncing the full name of the team” he said.

“I think he’s done a wonderful, wonderful job” Stroll senior said.

“He’s definitely earned a gold star sticker from me, and an additional $15 million for aerodynamic development” Lawrence told reporters.

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