SportPesa Racing Point Formula 1 Team
Image © SportPesa Racing Point Formula 1 Team

It didn’t take long for the former Racing Point Force India team to introduce their new title partner and team name for 2019.

In fact, it took no time at all as, in our humble opinion, the name ‘SportPesa Racing Point Formula 1 Team’ is a tad lean at just 11 syllables.

In a launch that saw the (maybe Canadian, maybe British, or even maybe still Indian based) team boast a bigger and bolder 2019, we can’t help but feel disappointed as the new team name left a lot to the imagination.

“When you’ve got a Team Principal with a last name like Szafnauer, you’d expect a better.” Remarked F1 pundit Paul Di Resta, all smug with his his double-worded last name.

It’s too lean, Lance has more substance.

“I’m coming from Williams” Lance said, “so this is a big step up in terms of pronunciation”

“But still, we could afford to add a few dozen more names in there” Stroll said, “and we can literally afford to”

“We can afford to pay sponsors just so that we can use their name in our title!”

The team have made obvious their year-to-year aspirations for gradual progress and overall team name improvement.

“I love a team name that leaves me out of breath!” Exclaimed host David Croft, panting.

“We want to add more sponsors in the future” Szafnauer told Croft over the sound of heavy breathing.

“More sponsors = more investment = more performance, but more importantly, a longer title”

By 2021, Stroll Racing has set lofty ambitions.

“It’s no secret we want to become the top team on the grid” owner Lawrence Stroll said, “and the top Scrabble score as well”


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