F1 Testing 2019
Image © XPB Images/MotoGP

Pre-season testing is at an end and it’s fair to say the action at Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya over the past two weeks has left fans wanting more!

“Give us more testing, and less races!”

We can’t help but agree.

Don’t get us wrong… Cars on party mode during qualifying is alright, but nothing gets the heart going like watching an Installation Lap.

Of course… Ballsy overtakes and smart defending are cool, but witnessing Alex Albon’s 132 laps in a Toro Rosso was breathtaking.

Indeed… The race day tussle between Mercedes and Ferrari can be good to watch, but the battle of Williams against themself was sight to behold.

Obviously… Listening to intriguing Team Radio during a race is okay, but nothing can match the insightful 8 hours of testing commentary of Will Buxton.

And yes… We’re vaguely interested in seeing what new and improved packages teams bring to each race throughout the year, but how awesome does a Testing Aero-Rake look?!

There was just so much to love about Testing.

In fact, such was the overwhelming interest and fandom in what was happening on the track over the 10 days, that no one really seemed to care that 2-time World Champion Fernando Alonso showed up.

“He took too much attention away from Pietro Fittipaldi’s 48 laps for Haas” a disgruntled fan wrote on twitter.

“#LessNandoMoreLando!” one user tried to get trending.

It’s not just fans voicing their desire for more testing and less racing, with major F1 names weighing in.

“If the World Championship was decided by Tests, I would have won at least one by now,” argued Sebastian Vettel.

“You can’t lose at Testing,” said Claire Williams, “BELIEVE ME – WE’VE TRIED”.

We think it’s pretty clear.

F1 Testing is so exciting, there needs to be more of it. Do you agree?


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