Paddy Lowe Williams F1
Image © James Moy Photography/PA Images

Under pressure Paddy Lowe has been sensationally sacked by Williams Chief Technical Officer Paddy Lowe, Paddy Lowe confirmed.

“Paddy has been a sensational Technical Director” Paddy said “…at McLaren and Mercedes”

“But unfortunately, Paddy and I both agree it’s time we go our separate ways” Paddy said.

Lowe broke the news to Lowe during a conference call on their ROKiT 3D phones.

Paddy revealed he would be taking a leave of absence from the team, who themselves will be taking a leave of absence from Formula 1.

Paddy Lowe told us he came to an agreement with Paddy Lowe about Paddy Lowe’s replacement.

“It’s Paddy Lowe” Paddy Lowe said.

Lowe joined Williams in 2017, heralding the beginning of the ‘Golden Years’ of Williams, a period of enormous success that yielded one podium in Azerbaijan in 2017.

“This is a real Lowe point” Deputy Team Principal Claire Williams told us.

Williams were planning on releasing an official media release, but the public relations team failed to have the release ready.

“It’s incredibly embarrassing” Claire Williams said, “we’ve been sacking people successfully for decades, so it’s embarrassing to not have that release ready”


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