Mercedes F1 Spanish Grand Prix
Image © Rex Features/Shuttershock

A longtime F1 fan has sensationally been shocked into cardiac arrest following the unpredictable front row lock by Mercedes AMG Racing in Spain.

“I never saw it coming!” He explained as he recovered in hospital.

He explained to his family, friends and nurses gathered around him how the qualifying result caught him off guard.

Indeed, the man was stunned when Bottas and Hamilton secured yet another easy 1-2.

“Well, Mercedes kept saying Ferrari was quicker…”

“Even Ferrari said Ferrari was quicker, too!” he reasoned.

Upon reflection and a heavy dose of painkillers, the man said he should have seen his traumatic episode coming.

“I did notice my chest getting a little tight after the Merc’s were 0.5s quicker in FP3”

“But I just assumed Ferrari were still sandbagging.”

The man was in good spirits and explained that his health scare was “more exciting than the 2019 season so far…”

“If only F1 was as unpredictable as my heart!”

The man was watching qualifying alone (what a surprise…), and sensationally drove himself into the hospital despite experience cardiac arrest.

“Thankfully, there was less traffic on the road than at the last turn in Barcelona.”

Remarkably, the man is expected to make a full recovery.

“I’d like to thank all the guys and girls back in the surgery. Let’s keep pushing.”

“Let’s not,” said the attending nurse checking the man’s blood pressure.


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